Quarterly Investment Letters

One way to gain a better understanding of SCM’s forward-looking investment research and portfolio management work is to read our Quarterly Investment Letters. Each quarter we outline our current macro-economic and market views, which inform the basis of our portfolio management in the ever-changing current market environment. Click below to review Symons® Capital Management’s current and past Quarterly Investment Letters:

4th Quarter 2021 Investment Letter


Quarterly Conference Calls

Each Quarter SCM holds a live conference call for investors featuring our CIO, Colin Symons, including an opportunity for investors to ask questions. The call typically includes a range of thoughtful discussion on both recent economic and market events and forward looking possibilities. Click below to download Symons® Capital Management’s current and past Conference Calls:

2nd Quarter 2020 Conference Call (July. 27, 2020)
1st Quarter 2021 Conference Call (Apr. 27, 2021)
4th Quarter 2020 Conference Call (Jan 26, 2021)

Symons Capital Management in the News

While as an institutional investment manager SCM does not seek to be quoted in the popular media, there are times when we are asked for our thoughts on various economic and stock market related matters. Click on any of the following articles to read about Symons® Capital Management in the news:

The Need for Critical Thinking in Investing

Colin Symons Interviewed by Bill Hortz, Founder & Dean, Institute for Innovation Development. The interview has appeared in a number of industry outlets including Harvest Exchange, Financial Advisor, NASDAQ and LinkedIn Pulse. June 2, 2020