Overview of Our Firm

Symons® Capital Management (SCM) is focused on one activity – intellectually independent equity investment management.  Our Mission:  “Building Durable Wealth Through Intelligent Risk Management.” We are headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA.

Our performance in managing risk and generating long-term returns is based on our research and business independence – our research process with its distinctive focus on macro and stock research to build and manage portfolios; and our business structure with SCM being wholly owned by our CIO, plus our colleagues and retirement plan being invested side-by-side with clients in SCM’s investment strategies. SCM’s work is both free from conflict with any other business interests and is solely in our client’s best interests as we engage in only one activity – long-term stock research and portfolio management to minimize downside risk and generate durable wealth.

We believe the long-term values we offer our clients are intellectual independence, a macro research perspective, risk management, experience, discipline, and patience – all relevant to achieving the ultimate goal of building durable wealth.

Michael, Colin & Lou